site stats Blog da Scarlet: 03/01/2003 - 04/01/2003

So, that�s the kickoff!

Someday I had to do this. I just re-wrote the whole damn thing and embedded it into a nicer and cleaner stored procedure.
All right, all did cost me a few more hours of my daily sleep..but 'What da hell!!", now it is rolling, baby !! ;-) and I hope the remote server part does not complain!!

I got to go on with my little pet (YO!)...but this auditing next monday is taking me quite amount of quality time. Postponed !!

DANGER : The pizza was quite tasty!!

Daily Keywords: Coffee, Tea, slight rain, 19Celsius, rush and a ring! ;-)

Base, here was Edge...over!
(Back to the trenches!)