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The League of the Pretentious Almost Extraordinary Gentlemen

Shame to say...
I just went last night to check it out the movie, the league of the extraordinary gentlemen. The only words I can describe that piece of movie is 'shame, shame...'

First, what the heck was that gay Alan Moore??? Alan Moore should rulez!! not that guy..
And Captain Nemo kicking-asses around with his kunf-fu??? What??? Captain Shaolin Nemo?? Hell no!

And to close...I am still trying to understand, how such a proud british man as Sir Connery gave his name and talent in dispite of this stupid holliwood-like movie. Man, you will not believe, but they *included* the US special Agent Tom Sawyer in the movie!!! That's just too much appeal for the US nation.
Probably, a lot of guys out there did not have a clue about the Sawyer in there...but trust me is the american sawyer. Shame!

mr.Hide was cool!! reminded me Hulk a lot..but cooler than that greeny monkey-ass.

I hope they do a sequel, and a good one this time, and with all the real 100%-british-league this time

In general, I would humbly rate it as 5.5. Still worthed, but nothing...and I say nothing..compared to the comic book.