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I got my new component working in the framework. That's cool! Waiting for P review :-) P rulez!

I saw lots of websites with messages against this stupid war. That's cool!

Even thou I have contact with lots of north-american friends, they do understand my point of view about the war. That's cool!

And I just read our education minister will try to move on with the brazilian second language: spanish.
Well, I must say I am a quite defender of the english as second language for my beloved country. But I also do understand how important this will be for our nation to be included into the whole latin american context. Brazil just can't be an island anymore.
I hope this brings more union up to us and ours neighboors. I also strongly believe in a better integration of our people with other latin cultures.
I mean, how many brazilian people do you know who ever heard about the argentinian band sodastereo ?...and try to ask yourself, how many latin american people outside BRZ have a clue about that means the RPM group?
Integration, culture...these things are always cool!

Also, I do have to mention the initiative of our culture minister, Gilberto Gil, to make brazil worldwide as a backpacker's destination. Oh Man!!! I've be travelling kind-of-backpacking for some countries and I do have to tell you folks: what an amazing experience!!

FUNNY: Yep!! there is still hope !! :-) check this!

That's cool! That the world is evolving in a nice way!! as far as I general.
ok ok ... this war is still bullshit!! but Tupak use to say: "FTS!!"

Tomorrow meeting with the Atlanta office. Damn!! sunday!! The week has just past to damn fast!!

19 Celsius...going to bed bigtime!!