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About versioning....
When it comes to version control systems, we developers ask the very same question: Which system must we use?

The default, and probably the most common is the Microsoft's solution, which is SourceSafe.

However, not much has happened with SourceSafe since the current version was released almost 5 years ago, and I still have a lot of points to complain about this version, like why dont we have a Why dont they develop more features or at least fix the weak points?

Myself, I see a lot of reasons to look after for something better than SourceSafe: It is slow, and not mentioning using it across a VPN. It does not handle multiple users editing the same file. It has problems with opening and closing ss.ini, especially over a slow network, which cause us to re-config the environment in our clients constantly. There is no SourceSafe service? and because of this, when a problem happend we have to shutdown and up the server, which personally I find it nasty when you are running SourceSafe on a multi-purpose server machine.

And worst of all: it corrupts the repository every now and then, and Microsft's best practices implore us to run a corruption analyzer every week!

So what are the alternatives: I know the PVCS, when I used to work with Delphi, which works great over the Internet, but...hey, is Borland, and even thou we like their professionals, we never know until when they are going to be there releasing new products, and I used to have just pass my mouse over the PVCS option in the just take forever to release it back to my desktop. There are a couple of SCCAPI implementations for CVS. I heard about Igloo, never used it, thou . There is a modern replacement for CVS as well, but naturally this one is even less compatible with VS.NET.

There also Borland's StarTeam and Rational/IBM's ClearCase, neither of which I know anything about. There is also a new product called SourceGear's Vault, appealing because it runs on .NET.

I saw Draco .NET, but unfortunately it only seems to support SourceSafe and CVS at this stage. I could of course go for CruiseControl, at the expense of NAnt support, which also supports CVS, SourceSafe, ClearCase, PVCS and StarTeam, but I haven�t used it much for professional work.

So...if anyone reads this message and have any good recommendation, please feel free to let me know