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The first Hollywood movie made 100% in Linux,1284,59452,00.html

Edge's Note:

Personally, I find this a breakthrough milestone!!
These days since the where the IT sector is getting more and more agressive and the competitors are striving to achieve new goals and stablish new trends, this remarks shows up as a great point for the open-source community.

Of course, this will cause a huge earthquake in the structures of the CGI, specially because this will bother in a special manner the Mac users. Until now, they claim all the great features offered by its platform, such as 3D animation and movie making stuff. But as we can see, soon very soon this will be probably their only standing left flag...In a few years, if this trend confirms the open-source will finally take place it deserves in the IT community and in the bussiness world.

Is a long way, sure...but the pace is being held at strong steps!