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Inner Trip

I am forwarding with my trip, flying up high,
With my feet far away from the safe solid ground
To live at the edge, running the sideways,
The sidewalks of nowhere.

And by your mirrored image and perfection,
you...Come with me, take my hand and give me the direction where I should blindly walk.

Once they told me that it was impossible; I said: it is necessary !
And they told me that I was loosing my mind ( by doing it all au-contraire )

And I just said: But it is needed, I need is necessary!

So I go forward with the trip, jumping from a place and feeling my free fall at sky high
And getting forward... with my own trip
And so then finally, I experience myself
in other places,
Other seas, flying free, feeling the bliss,
Diving deep into the pitch black

And what gives me the strength is not the sea neither the abyss.
But the shore, the limit and its own denial within.

Then I when I get lost that I find myself.